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VPN: Frequently asked questions

Do I need an Internet connection to use VPN?

A VPN is designed to mask and protect your location and data, but you still need an Internet connection.

How much does a VPN service cost?

Like all service providers, VPN companies want you to stay with them for a long time, since that’s their revenue stream. Most VPN service providers offer various payment terms, such as monthly, quarterly, etc. Most of the time, the longer the plan, the cheaper your monthly fee will be, but you will have to pay the entire contract in advance. Expect to pay between $ 9 and $ 12 per month on average for monthly contracts, with discounts of up to 75% for long-term contracts.

Will using a VPN decrease my internet speed?

VPNs are primarily designed to protect your identity and keep your data safe. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of encryption used to protect your data is that it slows down your Internet connection. As a general rule of thumb, expect to reach no more than 70% of your actual line speed when using a VPN. Other factors, such as distance from the VPN server, server load, etc., will also affect Internet speed while using a VPN.

How fast can VPN connections go?

Most VPN service providers will tell you that they will not limit your speed. However, there are other circumstances to consider as well. As mentioned above, don’t expect to get more than a maximum of 70% of your actual line speed.

How difficult is it to set up a VPN connection?

By right, it should be as simple as installing an app and entering your username and password. Then all you have to do is click a button and you will be connected to a VPN server. Unfortunately, this is not always the best solution and some connections may need adjustment for optimal performance. Many VPN service providers like NordVP, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN will have tutorials on how to do this, failing which it is time to contact their customer service staff.

What devices can I run a VPN on?

This depends on the VPN service provider with which you register. Almost all providers will support Windows, MacOS and Linux along with the major mobile platforms. Many will also support the implementation of the router (depending on the router model) while some adapt to more exotic devices like the Raspberry Pi.

Since 256-bit encryption will slow down my connection a lot, is it safe for me to use 128-bit encryption?

This is a bit tricky since both encryption rates are quite strong. The question to ask yourself should be: “How much are my privacy and online security worth to me?”

Will anyone know that I am using a VPN?

Some websites try to keep VPN users away and have ways to detect if an incoming connection is from a VPN server. Fortunately, VPNs are aware of this and have created countermeasures that help. Be on the lookout for service providers that offer Stealthing, or server obfuscation.

Can I use a VPN browser extension?

I’ve tried a few VPN browser extensions and found that, for the most part, they fall into two main categories. There are those who act as proxy servers and simply reject your connection from a server, and some who act as a browser control for a complete VPN application. The latter means that you will still need a VPN app installed to be able to use the extension. VPN browser extensions are generally not full VPN services.

Are VPNs legal to use?

Yes and No. Although most countries do not have laws against the use of VPN, some prohibit it completely. In extreme cases, some countries not only prohibit the use of VPN, but also imprison VPN users. Fortunately, there are only a handful of countries where VPNs have been banned so far.

Am I completely impossible to track with a VPN?

This largely depends on the security with which you use your VPN connection and the provider you choose. There have been many cases in which VPN users have been arrested after trusting a service provider that eventually turned the user records over to the authorities.

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