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Slow Down: Knowing when Driving is too Dangerous

Without the option to drive, many people wouldn’t be able to make a living every day and many of the luxuries that 21st century life has afforded us would no longer be available. Motor vehicle travel has allowed us to do so much, but its dangers should never be ignored. Over a million people are killed every single year on the road, showing how dangerous driving truly is. There are times that driving is simply too dangerous of an option for us, no matter how necessary we feel it is. We’ve compiled a short list of scenarios in which driving should not be an option for us.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Driving is dangerous and difficult at the very best of times. Throw in some deadly ice or blinding fog and driving switches from being dangerous to downright stupid. When roads are particularly icy in the cold Winter months, it would be a sensible idea to neglect driving altogether. Of course, for many people, this is simply not an option. For example, drivers of heavy goods vehicles need to drive for a living, no matter the conditions. In adverse weather conditions, their jobs are particularly dangerous, which is why hgv insurance is available for self employed lorry drivers that have to drive in horrific conditions regularly.
Extreme ice is not the only weather condition that can make driving too dangerous. Bad fog can impair drivers’ vision severely, snowy conditions can be hard for cars to drive on, rain can cause flooded roads and high winds can blow debris onto roads, making it harder for drivers to drive safely. When you are thinking about driving in any of these conditions, it is crucially important that you think about safety first. If you fell as though driving is too dangerous in any form due to the weather, the smartest thing to do is to not drive at all, according to Put In Bay Golf Carts.


There are numerous reasons why driving tired is something that you should never consider doing. First of all, driving while fatigued not only endangers your own life, but it is dangerous and unfair on everybody else that you are sharing the road with. Driving requires an immense amount of concentration, and you cannot afford to drift away while you’re behind the wheel just because you need sleep. Many people consider driving tired to be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol, which is why many authorities advocate strongly against the practice.
Again, the easiest and safest thing to do when feeling tired is not drive at all. You may feel as though you desperately need to get to where you are going, but when you consider the damage that driving tired can do, you’ll realise that there are more important matters than simply driving to one destination. Even if you’re silly enough to put your own life at risk by driving tired, no other driver should have to suffer for your poor judgement, which is what makes fatigued driving particularly despicable.


Like with fatigue, a serious injury can severely impact your ability to safely drive a vehicle. Of course, there are a wide range of different injuries that you can suffer to any part of your body, and not every injury will prohibit you from being able to safely drive. However, driving with major injuries to any of your limbs can make driving unnecessarily difficult for you, putting the lives of you and every other driver around you in serious danger.
Obviously, driving with a broken leg is virtually impossible and we’d like to think that nobody would ever consider doing that. Furthermore, if you are suffering from a sprained ankle or any other leg injury that makes your leg or ankle feel much weaker, then it would probably be best to refrain from driving. Similarly, driving with a casted arm may make driving too difficult for you, meaning that you should try not to drive, if possible. However, if you are under advice from your doctor to not drive due to an injury you have suffered, then you should not drive under any circumstances and you may receive a fine or even a driving ban if you are caught.

No matter how much you feel as though you have to drive in a given scenario, there are certain situations in which driving is an illogical option that you should refrain from. While these are three of the biggest reasons for you to not drive, there may be many more that you should strongly think about. For even more useful lifestyle tips that could really help you out, take a look at www.carfreedc.info.

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