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How to Create a Winning Profile on Instagram

Instagram is a great opportunity for companies to reach more potential customers. Step #1 when you start with Instagram is to create an appealing profile (account) that makes the visitor think “Wow, here I want to see more”. It may seem simple but there are tips and tricks to maximize the chances of a successful account. We will give you our best tips in this article.


  • The optimal size of the Instagram profile picture is 161 × 161 pixels
  • The biography on Instagram can be a maximum of 150 characters long

Content strategy?

Before you start creating your profile you should think about what strategy you should have for the content on your Instagram. Now I mean for a company and not a private person if there were question marks around it.

You are investing in promoting your products

This is probably the most common tactic for businesses on Instagram. Then you get to show potential customers what you sell. Perhaps it is important to try not to bombard and bore your potential customers with only a lot of product images. A small thought behind the posts is good.

You are investing in showing your company culture

Some companies may not see Instagram as something they need or can make money from right away. Rather, they may have a strong corporate culture that they want to show to potential customers and employees. The account will show more how nice it is in the office and how corporate culture prevails. Probably maybe some fun videos will be published between the yards as well.

A combination of both

Many companies do a mix of the above strategies and it can work very well. There may be more variation in the posts and it is rarely negative.

How to create a good Instagram profile?

Fill in your profile

Fill in your company name and make sure that the username is also the same as the company name. This is because that is what will appear in the URL of your profile. Then, of course, it is very important that you link your company website; it does not have to be the start page, but you can link what feels most relevant to your Instagram followers.

Don’t forget a good profile picture; if you are a company, your company logo can be good for example. The optimal size for this image is 161 × 161 pixels.

Create a Great Biography

The next step is to create an attractive biography. So this is a line where you write some info about your company. You have 150 characters to deal with, so think carefully about what you want to reach for information. Hootsuite considers that emojis are perfect to use here because they give a little personality to your company but can actually save a little space. An emoji can at least say a few words even if it doesn’t reach up to a thousand. An example of a company using this is ASOS, which sells clothes online.

Use Hashtags in the profile

Using Hashtags in the profile goes really well and makes these clickable on mobile devices. This means that you can create a “corporate hashtag” that interested parties can use. Thus, you will give your company a more personal feeling and show that you truly want to engage with your followers. You will get more likes and better exposure. As an idea, you can also buy likes from specialized providers such as Buzzvoice. It may not be a must but worth considering in any case.

Create a call to action

It is very often seen that bloggers’ Instagram profiles contain links to their latest posts or youtube videos. Creating a call to action profile is therefore perfect for driving traffic to your website, YouTube channel, etc. However, be sure to have this in the last position of the description.

Feel free to contact us

You have probably already posted the link to your website which is priority #1, but you can also enter other contact details if these are important. If you own a restaurant or similar, it can be a good idea to include both telephone numbers and opening hours. A follower might want to contact you in a different way than via Instagram and then it’s easy for them to get that information directly without having to click into your website.

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