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What a Driving Record Check Can Tell You About Your Employees

It is common practice to run criminal background checks and credit checks on potential employees, but what can a driving record background check tell you as an employer? Whether you are hiring drivers or office personnel, checking into employees’ driving records can tell you a lot about how responsible they are.

Hiring Drivers

Different states have different rules about how far back a background check will go and what it will cover, but most will uncover serious infractions, like suspended licenses, driving under the influence convictions and accidents involving injuries. If you are hiring someone to drive other people, such as drivers for limousines, taxi cabs or shuttles, you want to know that passengers and your vehicles are safe in your employees’ hands. A driving record background check will uncover these serious offenses before you take a chance on someone.

Delivery Personnel

Even if no customer lives are at stake, it is important to consider the attitudes and responsibility of the people who will be using your equipment. Accidents are expensive and cause your insurance rates to go up. Employing someone who has reckless driving convictions on his or her driving record can put your business at risk.

Office Staff

What if the position doesn’t involve driving? Including a driving record background check in your other investigations can reveal a lot about a potential employee’s personality. Something serious like a DUI is a red flag, but a number of small infractions can be a signal, too. If someone has numerous parking tickets, especially if they are unpaid, it could mean that this person doesn’t have good time management skills or that she or he is irresponsible. Will this person be late frequently or perhaps call off of work on a whim?

Background checks are part of today’s employment landscape and a potential employee’s driving record is a wise addition to the list. Be safe, not sorry, when it comes to hiring people to represent the company you have worked so hard to build.

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