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The Easiest Way to Lengthen Your Mailing List

Online marketing is essential for websites and online businesses. One of the most vital elements of marketing is emails. Online marketers are well aware that the length of a business’ email list determines how many people it can reach as well as the number of people interested in the business.

Since the true power of emails was discovered in the mid-1970s, their importance has increased exponentially. Four decades later, emails are more useful than they have ever been. Almost every website you visit today will bombard you with an alert or pop-up message requesting your emails address.

There are millions of emails addresses online and over 30% of them are fake. An email finder is an online application or software that scans email addresses online and returns results based on given criteria. For instance, you can supply the name of the individual or company whose email address you would like to find and the email finder will scan the web for matches and return the most relevant results. The accuracy of the results depends on the accuracy of the data given as criteria.

Almost every website you visit has an email address, and in some cases, several of them. Manually searching for email addresses is a daunting and cumbersome task. This is particularly true for people who are busy searching for email addresses for specific companies or specific important people. Having an email finder as a tool in your arsenal makes things much easier. Rather than scrolling through web pages looking for emails, the tool just scans the website for you and instantly lets you know all the available emails addresses.

Leads are important in online marketing; especially email marketing. Furthermore, you don’t want to work with fake emails since there is a good chance that the emails you find online may be fakes. People create fake emails every day for various purposes, mostly deception. Email Service Providers (ESP) don’t take websites or online businesses that interact with fake email address lightly. Websites whose emails are often categorized as spam or whose emails often bounce are usually punished heavily by ESPs. Such activities are bad for the reputation of an online business.

Working with an email finder is a good idea since it will not only find emails for you but it will also confirm their authenticity; whether they truly exist. As an online business, you want to work with real email addresses; that lead somewhere. The longer your mailing list, the more leads you have, and the higher your chances of converting more leads to profit. If your mailing list is long and each email address is legit, then you will influence many people with your marketing strategy. However, if you have a long mailing list and even 2% of those emails are fake, it could significantly affect your reputation. Working with an email finder is a good investment because finding emails is not necessarily an easy thing. Just consider how long it took you to find the current email addresses you now have.

Robert Gombos
Working in the web development and marketing industry for over 10 years. Been part of several large projects, coded a lot of websites, and owning several bigger projects. Right now, I am focused more on my personal life, doing what I like, trying not to be someone's slave... if you know what I mean.

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