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Predictions for Local SEO in 2018

With the revolution of technology came the advent of the internet. This global computer network rapidly turned into a necessity especially in the corporate world. The internet swears of a gamut of facilities especially in surviving this fast-paced world. Accordingly, the internet indeed assisted people in their day-to-day undertakings. Entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, professionals among others then focused on the cyber world. Products and services became accessible on the net. To market their products, scores of digital marketing strategies were used.

One particular quality control is the use of Search Engine Optimization or the SEO. This digital marketing strategy applies to the activity of ensuring that a certain website can be found in search engines when a user looks for a particular topic. The content of the website has to be relevant and must obtain several link directories to guarantee high SEO result probability. These links represent the external pages that are linked to a website. Building links is one essential approach for SEO since search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are dependent on these links for ranking web pages.

Considering the huge bearing of local SEOs on the virtual world, businesses put in substantial amount of money in this digital marketing strategy. Without a doubt, SEO proved its reliability in the marketing industry. Correspondingly, SEO protects a website position in the search engines. Given the cut-throat competition in the virtual world, the future of SEO is quite promising. The following are the predictions for local SEO in 2018.

· Additional Investment for SEO

Business will continue to put in material amount of money in SEO. In the year 2016, over $65 billion was invested in SEO. With the continuous upsurge of online products and services or escalating e-commerce industry, this amount is expected to increase to more than $70 billion next year.

· More Job Opportunities

SEO has been a lucrative source of income. This scheme had provided loads of job opportunities for professionals especially to those in the field Information Technology. Yet, in the future it could be seen that SEO will not only give jobs to merely IT professionals. Albeit, SEO requires technical expertise, a lot of e-courses are now available online for SEO know-how.

· Better End User Result

Since the key players are the users, it is assumed that SEO will give more focus on the end users. With the facility of modern technology, SEO is expected to become more creative and attention-grabbing for end users. SEO experiences will be more informative and appealing to the users.

· SEO for Mobiles

With the cyber hysteria of social media and smart phones, it is predicted that SEO will gain and maximize entry in mobile phones soon. This is because majority of the consumers are now using their gadgets, specifically their mobile phones, for online activity, it is but essential that SEO be designed for mobile use too. Mobile experiences must be optimized for a probable business success.

· Introduction of Voice Search

Another digital marketing strategy that it expected to improve SEO is the use of voice search. With the fast-paced life that the modern world brings, people are always on the lookout for more convenient way of living. With the use of voice search, the process of online browsing may be more expedient. However, this also requires numerous upgrades and changes in the SEO system.

· More competitive SEO tactics

Since SEO has a huge impact on the marketing industry, it is presumed that in the year to come, link directories, content, keyword search, location and a whole lot more will be improved further to keep up with the rigid competition in the cyber world. What is more, websites attributes are expected to be enhanced and expanded. Better and more tactics are expected to be created to secure top rankings in the search engine.

Local SEO are expected to stay in the cyber world in 2018. Loads of changes are expected to happen in the future. Without a doubt, these improvements will include web design, search engine algorithms, keyword, use of artificial intelligence, social media marketing and search result patterns among others. Ethical issues may even arise with regards to local SEO. No matter what changes this marketing tool will undergo, undeniably, local SEO will still continue to be of necessity to businesses in the virtual world.

Robert Gombos
Working in the web development and marketing industry for over 10 years. Been part of several large projects, coded a lot of websites, and owning several bigger projects. Right now, I am focused more on my personal life, doing what I like, trying not to be someone's slave... if you know what I mean.

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