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Featuring John Kavanagh’s Blog

Johnkavanagh.co.uk is a website developed by a freelance front-end web developer John Kavanagh from East London, a sunny region in London. He has presented a collection of his articles relating to the techniques used by him as a front-end web developer for developing easily accessible and attractive websites along with improving the ways for developing websites.

Further, this London web developer invites people who want to submit their blogs in this regard on this website to increase information in this regard. He also welcomed people if they want to discuss on some point in this regard.

Brief information about some of the posts on his blog published by this front-end web developer on this page is as under.

What I do: front-end web development explained: This Blog was published on 02 June 2014 in which he reveals his potentials as freelance front-end web developer.

Adaptive vs. responsive web design & development: The Blog published on 05 May 2014 describes the difference between two web devilment techniques.

‘Front end’, or ‘frontend’, or ‘front-end’: Correctness of front-end term used by John Kavanagh has been discussed in the Blog published on 21 May 2014.

Multiple columns using CSS3: This Blog published on 18 March 2014 tells the readers about the use of columns in the development of websites.

CSS font names: to quote or not quote: John Kavanagh has published this Blog on 22 April 2014 to introduce you with the family of CSS fonts and their use in developing websites.

This London web developer has published a number of other blogs on this page to enhance your knowledge in this regard.

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