How to Buy a Dress for a Woman

Buying a dress for a woman can be a great way to show her you care. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect, try not to worry. By assessing her personal style, making sure to get the right size, and choosing a type of dress that suits her tastes, you can give her something she will love and be excited to wear.

Getting the Right Size

Look at the tags in her clothes to see what size to buy. The best way to determine her size is to check the tags on some of the dresses that she already owns. It can also be helpful for you to write down the sizes that she wears in different brands and fabric types. Women’s dress sizes can differ greatly from one brand to the next, as well as one fabric type to the next, so this can help give you an idea of what size you will need to buy at different retailers or in various styles.

  • For example, if she has a dress in a size 6 from one brand that is made from a stretchy fabric, such as a spandex blend, and a size 8 in a dress from another brand made of a less stretchy fabric, such as 100% cotton, opt for a size 8 if the dress you are buying is less stretchy and/or made by the same brand as the size 8 dress.


Ask the sales associate at the store if you need help. Sales associates generally have expert knowledge about the dresses in their shops, so they will likely be able to help you choose what size to buy. Try to give them an idea of what size dresses she usually wears so they can help you pick out the best size in the brands and styles they have available.

  • If the woman you are buying a dress for has shopped at the retailer you are visiting, you may be able to ask a sales associate to look up her order history. This can help you figure out what size you should buy, based on the sizes she has purchased before.


Opt to buy a larger size if you’re unsure if a dress will fit. Because dress sizes vary between retailers and even between different fabrics and styles of dresses, it is entirely possible that her usual size won’t fit in the particular dress you are buying. Rather than buying a dress that is too small, going up 1 size is usually a safer bet. If that is the case you can always find plus size dresses wholesale, prom dresses wholesale on different websites.

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