What Can You Learn From Your Competitors’ Online Presence?

Are you developing your company’s online presence?

Then you should take a moment to evaluate what other companies in your industry are doing online. Learning from your competitors can help you avoid mistakes, find your target audience, and refine your brand identity!

Read on to learn just how important learning from your competitors can be!

Why Should You Learn From Your Competitors’ Online Presence?

Learning from your competitors may seem like copying your classmate’s homework. However, taking a look at your competitors’ work is vital to growing your business!

Better Perspective

If you only study your own strategies, it’s impossible to tell how you measure up against others in the industry.

Is your target audience praising other companies instead of yours? Are they sharing other companies’ posts more than yours? Once you know this, you can figure out why and change your online presence to draw the audience back to you!

Learn the Good and the Bad

Even better: observing your competitors’ online marketing techniques can save you a great deal of time and errors. You can see what strategies other companies experimented with before, or view how successful their marketing campaigns have been in practice.

With this view of the good, the bad, and the just-okay, you can use those companies’ successes and failures to adjust your strategies. Avoid their pitfalls!

What Can You Learn From Your Competitors’ Online Presence?

Now you understand the importance of knowing your competitors. Let’s talk about specific things you can learn from your competitors’ online presence!

Target Audience

You and your competitors offer similar services. This means you likely share a similar target audience as well!

Check what your competitors are doing online to reach their target audiences. What kinds of ads are they creating? What are they saying in their social media posts? What tags are they using?

You may discover that your competitor is marketing to a target you hadn’t thought of. This can be a way to find a new audience to reach out to, as well as a strategy for reaching out to them – all at the same time!

Customer Service

Ask yourself: how do other companies treat their customers? When someone leaves a bad review online, how do they respond? What stories do people tell online about how those companies treated them? And how does their behavior compare to yours?

Look at the most successful companies in the same industry as you. The best of the best tend to have extraordinary customer service! It’s always a good idea to improve your customer service practices. By learning from the best, you can stand out.

How to Be Unique

As you study your competitors’ online marketing strategies, make a list of pros and cons about their methods.

You don’t need to copy their methods exactly. In fact, if you want to stand out, you shouldn’t copy them exactly!

Understanding your competitors’ online presence can help you refine your brand. When you know what everyone else is doing, you will notice the things that make your company unique in the industry! You can then highlight those unique aspects in your marketing, making your company memorable and attractive to your target audience.


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