Changeable Message Signs Do More Than Flash Text

You’ve undoubtedly driven through a construction area and seen those signs advising you of road conditions, lane closures, potential hazards, and upcoming work, or just telling you to slow down. Having that information adds to work site and traffic safety and gives drivers opportunities to adjust their commutes, saving valuable time and avoiding hassles. Those signs are quite interesting if you give them more than a passing thought (no pun intended).

Versatility Means Productivity and Adaptability

Changeable message signs are more helpful than those traditional orange caution signs that you’ve seen throughout the years. Pre-printed signs are applicable when the road condition matches whatever signs are available. As roadwork progresses, different signs need to be brought to the work site at different times, adding to the project’s effort and complexity. A changeable sign can remain on-site throughout the project, reducing effort while providing continuously up-to-date information.

There’s a Hidden World of Functionality in Those Signs

Optional devices provide additional capabilities that can enhance safety and provide valuable data. A traffic and data collection radar sign detects vehicle speed, for example. That, in turn, can trigger an advisory message and provides data that can be collected and analyzed for future work site improvements. Cameras make possible real-time or recorded remote site observations and traffic monitoring. Cellular modems provide remote communications that eliminate work site trips just to change messages. There is even a battery charge monitor to alert the work crew that the sign needs to be recharged.

The next time you’re crawling through work site congestion and find yourself faced with a blinking radar sign or a flashing reminder that the construction will continue through next month, you just might find yourself with a greater appreciation for that flickering text. You might even find yourself looking for that camera! Just make sure that you don’t get distracted from the traffic in front of you.

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