Preparing Your Business for a Fire Inspection

Nobody in business looks forward to a fire inspection. Nevertheless, being prepared for everything, including having a working commercial fire sprinkler system Jacksonville FL, makes the process less stressful. There are many things you can do long before you get the notice that a fire marshal is coming to avoid letting a violation derail your operations.

Follow all fire safety practices to ensure you breeze through the checklist so you can get back to work.

Preparation Safeguards Against Electrical Fires

It is a good thing to verify that metal covers are on all circuit breaker panels and junction boxes. You are not only prepared for the inspection, but doing so also prevents an electrical fire.

Place clear labels on all panels and boxes so anyone can quickly identify each control. Make sure nothing block access to the circuit breaker panels. Distance should be at least 30 inches so anyone can quickly shut them off if there is an emergency.

Check for Working Fire Suppression Equipment

Make sure fire alarms are working throughout the building before the inspection. Typically, the fire marshal will ask for document showing that each alarm gets serviced each year.

In addition, you should verify and have proof that fire extinguishers are easily accessible and have been serviced. The size of your business determines how many fire extinguishers you need.

Proof is also required to show that the commercial fire sprinkler system Jacksonville FL has been tested by a licensed contractor within the last year.

Have Plans to Protect Employees and Customers

Clear out obstructions from aisles and stairs that lead to exists. Make sure maps showing emergency exists are visibly posted at all main sections of the building. For example, if you own a restaurant, keep emergency exit maps in the kitchen and dining area.

Test exit signs and emergency lights while in normal and backup modes. Verify that exit doors can be easily opened by anyone and are not secured with complicated opening mechanisms.

The value of fire safety cannot be underestimated. It can literally mean the difference between life and death. The inconvenience and stress of a fire inspection is normal. However, prepare your business because fire damage can be devastating.

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