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How to Breathe New Life into Your Old WordPress Blog Posts

On a typical WordPress blog, it is very easy for your earliest posts to disappear and never be viewed again. Most blogs are like that because this is a fault in their design. However, gone are those days when this was true. Thanks to the Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin, regardless of how many posts you have on your blog, your site visitors can still easily read the earliest posts you did, even if they are a few years old. If you are curious to find out how this is so, keep going.


Enhanced Organization

The Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin was designed with the sole purpose of improving organization on WordPress blogs and websites. Normally, on a blog, WordPress just displays the recent posts and any related posts. For a site visitor to find posts that you did years ago; it will take a lot of navigation and page loading to find them, that is, if they will ever find them. Nonetheless, with the Posts Table Pro plugin, if a user knows the name of an article, finding it is just as easy as entering the name of its title on a search box. And this is just the tip of the ice-burg

The Posts Table Pro plugin enables you to present your blog posts, and other digital media like PDFs, Word documents, Videos, or Audios in a table format or like a directory. You can direct your visitors to the page where this directory is located and from there they can easily find any document, file, or alternative digital media they want on your blog. The plugin has sort and filter features that make finding stuff on your blog or website super easy.

Sort and Filter Stuff

The sort feature enables your site visitors to sort posts or other digital content alphabetically or by date. This makes it easy for them to find posts that were done months or years ago, or to find documents that are under a specific alphabet. The filter feature enables them to find documents by type, category, or any other specified parameter. Users can also filter content by clicking on a particular category.

Make It Your Own

The Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin is fully customizable as you are the one who determines which columns will be displayed on the table, and naturally, you also determine the names of the columns. Finding things has never been easier and I bet you won’t find any other plugin that is as convenient and functional as this one.

A New Beginning

The Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin will indeed breathe life into your blog because the organization features it introduces are rare to find on blogs or in other plugins. The directory layout it creates merges perfectly well, with whatever theme you’ve got going on your website. It will not conflict with the layout of your site. The directory it creates is very interactive. The sort, filter, and search features allow users to interact with the directory in real time and make things more interesting as they are on your site. Once they find the documents or files they are looking for, the plugin enables them to either read them online by clicking on a link or if you would like for them to download the files and read them offline, you can provide that option for them.

This plugin is very flexible and versatile. It works with all multimedia file types. You can include all kinds of columns on your directory. And it is not just directories you can create, you can create video and image galleries, table of contents, or pretty much anything that works well with a directory or tabular layout.

If you would like your visitors to have easy access to the collection of files, documents, images, videos, blog posts, and other multimedia content on your blog or website, this plugin is what you need to make things smooth and easy for them.

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