Is It Time to Get a New Quote for Your Homeowners Insurance?

Many homeowners buy their policy and file it away, but there are times when you need to think about getting a few new quotes. If there have been significant changes in your life, it is possible that your premiums do not reflect this. The result can be paying higher premiums than necessary. The following are a few situations when you need to consider getting new homeowners insurance lodi ca quotations.

Your children have grown up
Your children have moved out of the house and started their own lives. The reason this is significant is that the liability issues drop the moment children are no longer present. When you have children, they will have friends over to the house, and this means kids can get hurt. Children are more active and behave in ways adults do not, so this translates to more risk for an insurance company. If you and your spouse are now living without your kids, you may be paying too much for your current policy.

You are thinking about removing your swimming pool
Insurance agents look at a swimming pool, and all they see is a lawsuit. It’s scary, just looking at the statistics on injury and death that occur annually because of them. However, if you are at a point in your life where you are no longer using your pool, you should look at the amount of money you can save by removing it. You may not need to remove it; some insurance companies may only require you to empty the water and cover the pool up with dirt. This option is often cheaper than removing the pool.

You have made improvements to your roof
There are many possibilities in this area. Changing your roofing material so that it is safer is one example. In areas prone to fires, switching to fire retardant shingles can help. In areas with tropical storms, there are other materials that may keep your insurance down. Since it depends upon the weather in your area, you need to inquire when quoting.

Make no mistake, homeowners insurance is no different than other forms of insurance. Over time, you can end up paying too much. Not only should you make sure to quote, but with a house, you need new quotations any time there has been a change in your family or the structure of your home.

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