What Makes a Good Wiping Rag?

One thing most people agree on is that a person can never have too many wiping rags. It doesn’t matter whether they are aesthetically beautiful objects with hem stitching or pieces of an old flannel shirt someone has taken scissors to. Janitors, painters and homemakers would be in trouble if they didn’t have those rags to help them clean up.

What Makes a Good Wiping Rag?

The variety of wiping rags are nearly endless, but they need to have a few things in common. They need to be soft, absorbent and as lint-free as possible. Softness makes them easy to handle and prevents them from scratching the surface to be cleaned. Absorbency allows them to blot up all or most of the spill in one pass, and being lint-free makes sure they leave no residue behind. Though it’s true that anyone can convert old towels and clothing into wiping rags, buying a bunch from a company such as Reclaimed Textiles ensures that they are high quality and can get the job done.

Types of Rags

Popular types of rags include those made of t-shirt material. These rags can clean, wipe and polish. White fleece is derived from sweatshirts and is known for its absorbency. Other rags are made from cotton or cotton blended with synthetic fabrics. They can also come in colors.

When it comes to heavy duty jobs such as cleaning a dirty car, white terry toweling is a good, all-purpose rag that can be tossed into the washing machine when the job is done. White thermal knit is good for both tough and delicate jobs. Colored rags can be knit, terry cloth and other toweling, fleece and flannel. Bar mop towels are also made of terry cloth, and as their name implies, they were first used to clean up after clumsy patrons. Huck towels are made of durable, pure cotton. Blue huck towels are famous as surgical drapes, but they’re also used by janitors as part of their custodial supplies.


There is probably a rag for every cleaning job. These sturdy, durable and inexpensive tools are made to handle everything from polishing the family silver to cleaning up industrial spills.

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