10 apps for drawing and sketching on iPad

As traditional ways and habits of performing everyday or occasional tasks are widely being replaced by modern technologies and innovations that allow to approach the work process from a lot more new perspectives and greatly optimize it, catching someone scribbling on their iPad is not going to turn your consciousness upside down. Now avid artists and architects, those whose work is connected with these activities and just people who like to fool around depicting everything they see in front of them have an opportunity to enjoy their hobby with one of their hand holding a state-of-art gadget and the other creating drawings of their loved ones or some impressive building around the corner.

Advanced mobile technologies allow creative users to unleash their artistic self by making applications that actually enable them to draw and sketch on their iPads. And today we are going to review top 10 art applications you can utilize on your iPad.

Inspire Pro

Possessing one the most powerful realistic rendering engines among all the other applications, Inspire Pro turns your digital drawing into a real-life masterpiece going far beyond virtual limits. This application allows you to use numerous painting tools including airbrushes, oil paint, crayons, spray paint and many others for you to create your drawings with. Apple pencil interacts with the hyper-sensitive screen of a tablet and the latter quickly adapts to the pressure producing the desired width and shape of the line.

Inspire Pro for iOS

Adobe Illustrator Draw

This app can be referred to as a digital sketchbook providing a vector format for your drawings and sketches. Its main advantage is quickness so if you are in a rush most of the time and need to manage your work on the go, this app is perfect for you. Adobe Illustrator Draw offers you vector-based tools and discrete picture and drawing layers. Vectors allow you to draw impeccably straight lines and geometric figures.

Adobe Illustrator Draw for iOS


This application has plenty of options and tools as well. ArtRage offers you a large choice of watercolor brushes you can use for creating more terrific impression on those who will admire your work. Once you’ve got familiar with its interface, you can easily change the size of the brush, customize the color picker and mix some color elements. The name of the app itself implies making overwhelmingly cool projects that’ll make your competitors go insane!

ArtRage for iOS

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Combining a not-so-conspicuous UI with sliders you can easily access, allows you to adjust the size of your brush very quickly. It also prevents you from getting distracted from your work by unnerving pop-up menus. Procreate also has a highly responsive zoom, various layer options, and a color picker. It has more than 120 brushes with the technologies enabling your work to look realistic as if it was created on paper or canvas. To put it simply, this application is a very convenient and effective choice for the users drawing and sketching with a business purpose and who can’t afford to waste time handling way too complicated functionality and set of options.

Procreate for iOS

Affinity Photo

Do you need a program that supports Photoshop files and some other file formats? Here you go with one of the smartest application with an abundant set of tools. Affinity Photo enables you to create your own brushes and take a grip on the functions this app offers to you.

Affinity for iOS

Zen Brush 2

Being a so-called sequel to Zen Brush builds on the emulation of traditional Japanese brushes by producing a new smoother drawing engine that captivates a user with its authentic experience and the techniques it provides. Its main highlight is having an ink dispersion imitation that gives your drawing a 3D effect. Zen Brush supports pressure-sensitive styluses as well as relieves you of black ink restriction as now you are also free to use the red one.

Zen Brush 2 for iOS

Pixelmator Pro

Need a decent iPad alternative to Photoshop? This application provides you with a great number of tools enabling you to conjure on photograph improvement including the effects, size as well as the shape much better than it does Photoshop. It provides full compatibility of your screen with the Apple Pencil and is very sensitive to pressure, palm rejection, etc. It can also open layered Photoshop images which means that you can keep working on your desktop even when you’re on the go.

Pixelmator Pro for iOS


Been looking for an easy way to create graphics based on vectors as well as icons, logos, and scenes? Assembly is here to help you! It allows you to pick ready-made shapes and adhere them to one another thereby creating a wholly new and unique drawing. You can stick with whatever position and shape that you want and even alter the shapes the way you want. Assembly is a perfect app for creating jaw-dropping projects fast.

Assembly for iOS

Photoshop Sketch

This professional app has to offer you powerful tools for drawing and sketching such as graphite pencil, watercolor brush, and ink pen. Moreover, you can adjust the color and size of each of them. You can also use perspective grids to align your projects.

Photoshop Sketch for iOS


All you need for creating a cool drawing or sketching is included in this smart app. It has brushstrokes of variable width and sensitive drawing support to get along with the Apple Pencil. Graphic is an improved version of Adobe Illustrator which makes it twice as progressive and advanced as the former. Furthermore, it is supported by both the MacOS and iOS.

Graphic for iOS

In brief

Mobile innovations have made doing your work or just having some fun much simpler and more engaging. Be it sketching an initial apartment building project or drawing the car of your dream, unique mobile applications will facilitate it for you so that you can save up plenty of time needed for generating more breakthrough ideas.

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