Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Box: My Experience

Life in Amsterdam is all-digital and virtually all around you are reading stuff from their tablets or exchanging messages on their phones. So there is a big market for mobile phone repair specialists here. I know it for sure because I have been living in Amsterdam and working in mobile phone repair for 10 years. My name is Andrew Grinuel, and I would like to share my experience of using Samsung Tool Pro Box. If you sell or repair Samsung phones (like we do), and face a problem with unlocking firmware or have any other software phone repair issues, the best universal tool is definitely Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Box.

Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Box is a box for unlocking, and also a set of special software. The box includes twenty-two Unibox pinout cables. This kit is used for servicing phones of most Samsung models and some other models, including flashing. In addition, this device helps you to easily solve problems with incorrect OS operation in Samsung smartphones. Z3X box has a simple interface, offers a choice of models, and when connected, displays information about the cable to use. The device easily reads information about the phone status.

Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Box also supports reading unlock codes NCK, MCK, NSCK, SCK, and PCK for some of the latest phone models. The device can unlock almost all lock types and bypasses the MSL protection. What is more, it is possible to restore IMEI during repair. Finally, the development team regularly releases updates to their software and expands a range of supported device models. Therefore, this is an excellent choice for you!

To get full support and the latest product updates, I recommend buying a device from an authorized Gsmserver dealer. The company has effective support staff and their delivery is very fast. If Whois to be trusted, Gsmserver has been on the market for 15 years (since 2002) and has been working all over the world. Needless to say, I checked the seller before shelling out a few tens of dollars. All company reviews I read were positive. Besides, the company’s website gives ample detail about the proposed product.

A Few Words about My Experience with Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Box

I bought the device from an authorized Gsmserver dealer, which I found via the Internet. It is simple enough to place an order on the site (as in most quality storesJ): you select the product, press the Buy button and get redirected straight to the payment form. Just in case, I called back and asked about the guaranty and their terms of delivery (the site did have this info, but sometimes it is not consistent with reality). A girl with a sweet voice assured me that the product would be delivered to any EU country within 2 weeks, as the site states. I did not believe it muttering under my breath, “It’ll be surely late for a day or two; they won’t manage to dispatch it in due time from the warehouse or something will happen to the mail… It won’t be two weeks sharp.” Still, I paid with my MasterCard and received a receipt to my email.

Being I technical professional and having engineering mentality, I especially appreciate punctuality and preciseness. Guess what, in two weeks exactly I received this box by mail.

I immediately called John, my friend and colleague. Together we started studying how the device works.

First, you need to read the instructions. In brief, instructions boil down to the following:

  1. Connect the box to the PC;
  2. Download the necessary software;
  3. Install drivers for the box;
  4. Register the box and update the firmware of the smart card.

As a technical specialist, I also consider the following points critical:

  1. You must not connect the box to a PC using USB hubs, extension cords, etc.
  2. You should not update the smart card too often; otherwise, it may fail.
  3. When using the box, it is necessary to disconnect other peripherals connected to the PC (boxes, card readers, telephones, etc.) to the maximum.

Then we started operating the box. At the time of our purchase, we already had several phones to work with.

How Unlocking Feels with Z3X SAMSUNG Tool Pro Box

  1. Connect the phone directly to PC.
  2. Install necessary drivers for a specific phone model.
  3. Click the Unlock button and follow the instructions of the program on the PC screen.

Repair Process

  1. Connect the phone following the instructions for the specific phone model you selected.
  2. Install necessary drivers for a specific phone model.
  3. If needed, download the necessary files from the Z3X support zone to repair or restore a phone.
  4. Select the necessary program, click the appropriate button and follow the software instructions.

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