How McDonald’s Has Become a Successful Brand

Brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald’s started McDonald’s in the early 1950‘s. Even though they started out as a small drive-in restaurant, their idea became an instant success and expansion became inevitable. In order to become more efficient in service delivery to their customers, the McDonald brothers bought bigger milk shake machines from Ray Croc who saw real potential in their idea. Ray Croc was amazed by the large size of the portions that the MacDonald brothers were serving to their customers and at a friendly price.

Seeing potential in the idea, Ray Crock struck a deal with the brothers, which allowed him to start franchising the McDonald’s and offering them part of the profits he earned. In 1961 he bought out the McDonald brothers, leaving him the sole owner of the fast food chain. The vision and leadership of Ray Croc lead to the rapid expansion and growth of the McDonald’s.

How has McDonald become a successful brand over the years of its existence? 

Over the years of expansion and growth, McDonald’s has evolved and changed. However, one major factor that has lead to the dominance of McDonald’s as a brand is the quality of service they render; they offer high-quality services and food at affordable prices to their customers. This has made them a force to recon and a leader in the fast food restaurant industry in America and worldwide.

With the growth of their popularity in America, demand for McDonald’s products worldwide has also grown. Currently, besides the U.S., McDonald’s has a very large customer base in Australia, Canada, France, and even China, McDonald’s is also available in over 100 other countries worldwide with most of them running for 24 hours a day. Their rapid and tactical expansion worldwide can also be attributed to the fact that they franchise themselves in other countries making it cheaper and at the same time a profitable business for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s constant experiments of their food has made them step ahead of the competition. This has lead to the evolution of their menu – different types of burgers have been introduced into the menu while others removed. This has enabled McDonald’s to figure out the customers’ preferences and what is selling. This helps them choose what to put on the menu according to customers demands. McDonald’s have also managed to convert their menu depending on the countries they are.

Even though McDonald’s is franchised out in other countries outside U.S, it has managed to maintain the standards and the consistency in their quality of services worldwide. A McDonald’s restaurant in the U.K and a McDonald’s restaurant in south Africa offer the same quality of services (Here you may check all locations and working hours guide.). However, the only difference may be the menu which vary depending on the country. This has made McDonald’s a global company earning large revenues every year.

Good marketing tactics have also placed them a notch higher than their competitors. It is no coincidence that American kids watch an average of 250 McDonald’s adverts on TV every year. In each country that McDonald’s is located, they market themselves depending on their market. This has helped clients identify better with the McDonald’s restaurant in their countries.

Unlike their competitors, McDonald’s has managed to adapt new technologies to their daily routine. This has greatly increased their efficiency and delivery of services to their customers.

Even though McDonald’s have had their own share of trouble too, they managed to turn the tables and turn them into fortunes. Over the years, McDonald’s has faced a lot of lawsuits against them regarding the safety of the food – which has brought bad publicity in newspapers and TV.

In order to assure their clients of the quality of the foods, they formed Global Advisory Council, a group of experts that give McDonald’s advice on nutrition and safe ways of preparing their meals. They are also associated with various environmental protection activities, sponsor various sports programs for the youths, and are running charities.

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