No Emergency Fund? You Still Have Options

At one time or another, you are bound to be hit with some eye-popping and unexpected expense. This might be in the form of a stay in the hospital that can cost thousands, car repairs that can be expensive or a hefty tax bill from Uncle Sam. In an ideal world, you would have saved up about 6 months of living expenses in your savings account to assist you when things like this happen. However, that isn’t the case all the time and you might need to know just what options you have. Let’s take a look at a few.

Small Loans

When you just need a small amount of cash to tide you over, you might not find traditional financial institutions to be too helpful. If the amount is too small for them to bother with, they will turn you down. You can still get the money you need from other sources, such as one of the payday loan alternatives. These are great when you are in a bind and need quick cash. They are easy to qualify for even if your credit isn’t great because all you need to qualify is a valid social security number, a bank account that is active, and a job they can verify. An added benefit of this type of loan is the speed. You might have access to the funds in as little as a single business day once you have been approved.

Credit Cards

Another option when you are short on funds might be credit cards. This is by no means a long term fix though. However, if you need a bit of something to tide you over just until the next time you get paid, you might sparingly use one of your credit cards just for emergencies. Don’t come to depend on them though because you have to remember that anything you use them for still has to be paid back with interest.

Odd Jobs

Another way to make money fast is to do some odd jobs. You might want to consider being a day laborer. You can always post ads on bulletin boards or online offering to do a few odd jobs. Additionally, there are temporary employment agencies you can apply with. You might also go to a day laborer’s meet (if you know where one is) and wait for employers to come pick you. Some of the common things that people hire day laborers for include things like:

  • Packing and or moving
  • Washing cars
  • Doing household chores
  • Running errands or picking up groceries
  • Yard work
  • Basic office tasks
  • Construction

Make Money Online

This is something that has never been easier… if you know where to look. There are several apps for making money that you can use and get paid for things like completing surveys or scanning things in grocery stores. The thing about these apps though is that you might not make much money for each thing you do. That being said, it is a chance to start earning immediately.

If you come across anything that asks for a credit card or that want you to pay them first, get out of there because it is more than likely that you have stumbled onto a scam.

When it comes to filling out surveys online, these can be hit or miss. There are plenty of merchants who use the responses from surveys to determine ways to improve. There are quite a few websites that are devoted to connecting people just like you and me to online surveys. They might only pay a few bucks each, but they are easy and typically pay pretty quickly.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are made up of people who can provide individuals, organizations, or companies with feedback on things like ideas, designs, and or products. You can monitor the local postings or you might search sites, such as, when you want to find one of these groups in your vicinity to participate in. Some of the sites that post them offer online only tasks like serving as e-jurors for lawyers who might be working on a case. The pay for things like this can be relatively good and you can typically get paid pretty fast.

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