The Importance of Having a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

We know the importance of blogs because we check them daily. We are regular consumers of the information they provide. We go to the weekly bulletins to receive update alerts, and we dive in to read what they tell us. Why? Because blogs are usually related to a person or a company that inspires confidence, so that it’s content interests us, to appear trustworthy.

The blog is the number one communication tool that a company has to interact with its audience in a regular way, communicating news, informing, teaching or simply, maintaining the interest of the consumer/client. While it is true that social networks play a fundamental role in customer – business contact, the blog remains the king in terms of loyalty and conversion.

Now: neither our website nor our blog can be reliable and secure if we do not have quality hosting. What is this? The hosting is a tool by which a provider offers a system that allows storing all information, websites, images and videos, i.e. all types of files. It is very important to have a trusted supplier, which allows us to work immediately if we start from scratch to storage and monthly maintenance. It is important that it is reliable, that it is available to our consultations and that it is economical.

Finding a Reliable Web Hosting Provider that assured us at least 99% of Uptime on Web Servers is a vital aspect of our site image.


Your website is the image of your company

It is very important to take into account that our Website is part of the image of our company, and if this image is not available, the image of our company will be affected and will have repercussions to the degree of making us lose business due to the failure of this page Web.

For this reason, before thinking about what can be spent on a Web Hosting Service, you need to think about how much the company could lose by not “investing” in Reliable Web Servers.

Web Site Design

One of the aspects to consider is the Uptime, since if the Web Site is not available when the spiders or bots of the search engines try to index the site, there is a high probability that the position of the site in question is affected and leaves To the last pages, or in the worst case; The site could be removed from the indexes of the search engines and will be destined to be forgotten.

Loss of income

How many times have we heard stories of acquaintances around the off-line periods (Downtime) of your Web Hosting company? There is no need to be a genius to understand that when a customer comes to our business and the door is closed, they will immediately be looking for competition. It is for this reason that our Web Hosting Provider must have reliable and Reliable Web Servers.

Lost Data and Email

Something that should not be lost sight of is the fact that our image is not only our web page, many companies use more email system to communicate with their customers to do business, so those periods of inactivity on the part Of the Web Hosting Provider is simply unacceptable. Losing the response to a proposal or a new prospectus that contacts us via the form of our website is definitely not the way to go.

Conclusion on the Importance of a Reliable Web Hosting Service

You have to be honest, all companies want to emphasize when offering the best product or service, but not all companies pay attention to details: While it is true that it is possible to find accommodations that cost less than S / .1.00 a day, this Does not mean that to be cheap they have to be good.

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