Interesting Facts about ScottishPower Gas and Electricity Company

Energy is one of the key components that comes into our minds when we speak of a successful nation.Scottish Power and Gas Company is an electricity generation company that is found in Scotland. Its headquarters are based in Glasgow. Scottish Power was founded in 1990 and has since grown to be Europe’s third largest company in terms of electricity generation and distribution. The success of the company is based on the following unique facts from the time it was developed.

The foundation for the development of Scottish Power was laid during the privatization of the state owned Scottish Electricity Industry. It constituted of two previous Scottish electricity boards; the South of Scotland Electricity Board and North of Scotland Hydro Board. Iberdrola, a Spanish company, took over ScottishPower in November 2006 in a bid that was estimated to be 11.6 billion euros. The take over bid was approved by shareholders on 30 March 2007. This placed Scottish power on the path of being a major energy company in Europe. Generation and Sub-stations

Generation and Sub-stations

Scottish Power boasts of a generation capacity of 6200 MW from its 10 substations that are operational. Its sources of energy include coal, natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear. Coal and Natural gas account for more than half of the capacity that is generated by Scottish Power. Its substations include:

1. Longannet Power Station – It had a generation capacity of 2400 MW but was closed in 2016.It used coal as its fuel
2. Rye House Power Station – Has a generation of 715 MW and uses gas as its source of fuel.
3. Black Law Power station – Generates 124 MW and uses wind as its source of energy. It consists of 54 wind turbines.
4. Whitelee Power Station – It generates 322 MW per year and uses wind as its source of fuel. Consists of 140 wind turbines.
5. Cruachan Power Station – It generates 440 MW per annum.
6. Inverkip Power Station – Used to generate 2028 MW but was demolished in 2013. Its source of fuel was oil.
7. Larnak Power Station – It generates 17 MW every year and depends on hydro power.
8. Shoreham Power Station – Generates 420 MW and depends on gas as its source of fuel.
9. Damhead Power station – It generates 793 MW of power and runs on gas energy.
10. Blackburn Power Station – Generates 65 MW and relies on gas energy.
11. Galloway Power Station – It is a hydro power station that produces 106 MW


Scottish Power operations is divided into three:

  • energy retail
  • energy wholesale
  • energy networks

Scottish Power retail division is responsible for holding gas and electricity supply license and has over 5 million customers in the United Kingdom. Scottish Power Data Reserve also found in the retail division is responsible for data management and metering. It is the first ever company to allow its users to submit their meter readings through text. In the Energy Networks division, there exists three companies: The Scottish Power Transmission, Scottish Power Distribution, and Scottish Power Manweb.

Scottish Power Transmission is responsible for transmission of power in central and southern Scotland and also owns the Northern Ireland Electricity. Scottish power distribution limited is responsible for individual or industrial distribution of power in southern and central Scotland while Manweb is responsible for distribution in Northern Wales, Merseyside, and Chesire.

The third division of Energy Wholesale consists of two companies; the Scottish Power generation limited and Scottish Power management limited. Scottish Power Generation limited is responsible for the production of electricity while Scottish Power Management Limited is in charge of buying and selling wholesale energy.

Market, Income, and emergencies

Scottish Power has the highest market share in Scotland. It also provides energy to Wales and England. It is considered the largest electricity generating company that generates power from renewable sources of energy in the United Kingdom. Scottish Power generates an amazing revenue of 5 billion euros and requires 869 million euros for its operating income. It has a workforce of 9,953 employees. Sometimes they might arise emergency or accidents in their distribution lines but consumers not need to worry since the National gas emergency number via Scottish Power can be reached on 0872 722 7107.

It is seen that Scottish Power has made major strides from the time it was started by its two major leaders Ignacio Sanchez and Keith Anderson to become a global player in the energy sector. It is expected to even grow in the next decade due to increase in the number of consumers.

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