If You’re Short on Funds, Here Are Your Options

There is absolutely no shame in being short on cash. We have all experienced that point in our lives when one paycheck didn’t stretch enough to the next one. You might have even suffered the loss of a job and have exhausted your savings account just to pay bills and buy groceries. There are some worthwhile options to consider if you need a quick load of money to get on with your life to make ends meet.
Payday Loans

Payday loans are ideal for people with bad credit or no credit at all. In general, you’ll apply for a small loan, typically around $500, and it will be deposited in your bank account within one or two business days. You will be required to pay back the full amount of the loan with interest by your next payday. Because of this, payday lenders won’t approve loans for people who don’t have a job.

Bank Loans

A bank loan is a more extensive process than a payday loan or other quick cash method, but it is more stable. You’ll apply for a loan through a reputable bank and receive your money within several weeks. You’ll then need to pay this amount back with interest over the course of several years. The issue with bank loans is that applicants need to have a good or excellent credit score to be approved.

Credit Cards

A credit card can be used to make large purchases or pay bills. Your credit card comes in handy when you’re short on funds and don’t have a way to pay for something, like a car repair or home appliance replacement. Credit cards are often given to people with decent credit scores and who have a way to make regular payments on their account. Credit cards have notoriously high interest rates, with some cards going as high as 20 percent per account regarding interest alone.

Installment Loans – The Alternative to Payday Loans

For anyone looking for payday loan alternatives, installment loans are your go-to. Unlike payday loans that require you to pay the full amount of the loan back in a matter of weeks, the installment loan puts you on an affordable installment plan that allows you to make payments at regular intervals. You don’t need to have a good credit score to be approved for these types of loans and you’ll often receive your money in a matter of one or two business days.

Before going with any of these methods, be sure to do your homework and understand the pros and cons of each. The last thing you want to do is put yourself further in a financial predicament because you borrowed money irresponsibly.


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