A Comparison Between Hoover and Bissell Carpet Cleaners

The Bissell and Hoover brand are no doubt the two top most market leaders. Most consumers actually shop for either of the two brands when they go looking for upright carpet cleaners. Surprisingly, both brands are so popular among shoppers and so effective in cleaning that it’s not easy to make a choice. However, everyone wants to go for the best there can be; the ultimate quality and value. So, which is better between Bissell and Hoover brands, and hence the best of all? To answer these questions, we need to compare their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Compare Effectiveness in Cleaning

Many users report their experiences from which you can gather that both brands are almost equally effective in their cleaning ability. They balance in terms of cleaning power. They are both effective machines. The ultimate effectiveness in cleaning can however be best measured in terms of the ability of the machine to take in both water and particles (dirt, smoke). Apparently, uses of Hoover brands report that they suck better. Hence the Hoover brand beats Bissell in this.

  • Make And Convenience of Carrying

No one fancies the idea of carrying a bulky machine around the house or wherever they are cleaning their house from. Comparatively, Bissell machines are made of heavy materials while Hoover actually makes lighter brands weighing as little as 18 lbs. That is another difference between Bissell and Hoover carpet cleaner brands. Nevertheless, this does not affect the cleaning power of either.

  • Pricing

We cannot claim authoritatively that either Hoover carpet cleaners are more expensive or cheaper than Bissell, and vice versa. The cost depends on the model that the consumer chooses to shop for since both manufactures have different models at different levels of pricing. At what price to buy a particular model is a shopper’s own discretion and depends on their prevailing budgetary allocations.

  • Durability

Both manufacturers offer credible quality that seems to satisfy consumers in terms of how long the machine serves them without failure. Consumers on Amazon and other forums can rightly attest to this. It is important however to note, that the manufacturers offer both commercial/professional cleaner models and domestic cleaner model. The professional models tend to be designed to last longer but their price is higher of course, when compared to the domestic model.

  • Conclusion

Best Carpet Cleaner – Bissell vs Hoover? Consumers find both brands satisfactorily effective and of good quality. About pricing, Hoover seems to be more economical in the long run, but that’s just that; either of the two brands is equally good. It’s just a matter of choice and consumer preferences.

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