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The USA is a country with the most expensive health care, but the USA’s medical care is not in the hierarchy of the best medical services in the world. A lot of Americans are forced to give all their savings to get an average medical service that doesn’t solve their medical problems.

The Affordable Care Act caused the opposite effect of what it was intended to do; it increased the costs of medical insurance for most employers. As a result, lots of employers stopped paying their employees medical insurance.

Because of the inability for many Americans to afford the medical services in the USA the Quest Global Benefits program was created. Dr. Rick Redalen, who has been part of many humanitarian activities throughout the world, has decided to make this program in order to help Americans to receive the medical care, they deserve for a price; they can afford. The Quest Global Benefits program has been created to make sure that hard working Americans receive the health benefits of excellent medical service. 

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Dr. Rick Redalen, is one of the biggest critics of the irresponsible behavior of American doctors. He tries to share not only his medical experience among other inexperienced doctors, but also the morality of the doctor’s profession, which many doctors today don’t even know it exists and that it needs to be followed.

So, if you want to receive proper medical care for a reasonable amount of money, you should become a part of the Quest Global benefits program on As a part of this program, you will receive the best medical services from experienced and responsible doctors. You will get excellent medical service that will not make you bankrupt.

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