Green Receptionist is the New King of the Virtual Receptionist Market

Any business that is growing must make many decisions regarding how to finance its growth, and how to increase the volume of its business. Every industry has an optimum number of customers to customer service professionals, ratio.

For instance, a company may need one customer service professional for every 100 customers. The challenge many companies face is that beyond a certain limit, the cost of retaining customer service professionals becomes untenable. The company may be faced with the prospect of hiring out a call center just to meet the needs of its customers.


This is why a call answering service is very critical for growing businesses. The decision to use call answering services for your company can potentially save your company thousands of dollars in salaries, equipment, and rent, money that you can use to finance growth. You can also scale your demand for the services based on the actual needs you have at any time.

This is very valuable if you have fluctuating or seasonal demand for your products or services. As you consider how to grow your business, do not forget that a call answering service can provide you with the flexibility you need without forcing you to make permanent investments in a large customer service department. offers call answering services that are well suited for growing businesses. Their services ensure that you are available full time to your clients whenever they call you. Green receptionists are highly trained, providing call answering services at global standards. The company’s services are reasonably priced, and will give you great value for your money. We have a very flexible pricing guide that will allow you to negotiate your rates as your business grows.

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