Copper Gutters

If you know copper, you know the many amazing benefits that it offers. Aside from the rustic character and aesthetic beauty of the element, copper displays durability like no other.  Copper gutters can stand strong against natural elements and weathering, especially moisture. To combat and divert moisture, flashing is used.

Copper is a great element for flashing due to it’s strength and resistance. Flashing adds more life to copper which makes it a great asset to any building structure. If this isn’t convincing enough, copper is majorly beneficial in architecture. It is recyclable, fire and corrosion resistant, and easy to install.

With the combination of factors – flashing, durability, AND easy of installation – it’s no question that copper is #1 in the roofing world. After installation, the element requires little to no maintenance. First used over 10,000 years ago, copper still remains the material of choice. No wonder!

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