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All of us should feel responsibility to our family

Our instinct to care for our family runs deep. Across generations, women have more often than not filled the attribute as caretaker for their families. It should come as no surprise that women define their health according to the health of their family members.

A survey done by the National Women’s Health Resource Center reports that 96% of women say that having a healthy family is their #1 priority, while more than 70% say they make the majority of family health care decisions.

As we all work hard to grow in our careers and life, we must not lose sight of what is most important in this life. Sure, it’s great to drive a nice car, live in a good neighborhood and “keep up with the Joneses,” but there is more to it all than that. At the base of everything is providing for our families, which are there for us through thick and thin. They are the best reason for our hard work and sacrifice.

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