How Often Should I Have Sex With My Boyfriend?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for 6 months now. Lately i always want to have sex with him but i do not want him to be tired of me so quickly. Is having sex just about everyday to much? He doesn’t complain i just do not want him to bore of me to quickly.

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  1. honeiia

    Once a day is fine and actually quite healthy. However you need to be very careful when you are having sex that often. Young people tend to start having sex so often that their relationship becomes defined by it and later when you inevitably tire of only having a sexual partner and not a real boyfriend you will find that a lot of what made you want this relationship so badly may have disappeared. Make sure that you are doing other things (movies,shopping, or just talking on the phone) just as often as you are having sex.

  2. james

    if he is not complaining then why worry? when he doesn’t want it as often, try dressing up your goodies, lingerie, meet him someplace real quick for a drink, wearing nothing under your coat but bra and panties and other little seductive treats, but use them sparingly as needed to not get him too used to the idea that your always up to something and it stays a surprise. plus diff. positions, talking sexy, you are going to have to find out what makes him tick. which you should pretty much know is you at the moment and hes happy with that. ;)

  3. orangecu

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years and we don’t really have sex much at all, maybe once or twice a week. I know how you feel with always wanting him, but you really do have to control it because after awhile that’s all he’s going to think you want him for.

  4. Aiden Ottey

    Wow, I wish I have ever had a girlfriend who wanted to have sex with me every day! If the relationship is going to end, it’s going to end regardless of whether you deny yourself what you need out of it. So go for it. Relationship may change over time but for now if it’s working for you then have fun!

  5. Happy Gilmore

    If you both enjoy having sex, and are using some type of protection and you both want it everyday there is nothing wrong with that, my fiance and i have sex 2-3 times a day

  6. larj87

    only as often as both of you mutually consent to. if that’s everyday and you both want to (ie no one is being forced to) then go for it!

  7. SheAn

    For most guys you don’t need to worry about too much sex.
    He is more likely to get tired of you with sex once a week.

  8. flobbit

    As often as you want.
    Sex bring people closer together, not further apart.

  9. Happy Monkey

    i wouldnt do it everyday dont get me wrong its nice but maybe 3 times a week

  10. We

    when ever you FEEL like it!!!

  11. 14k

    ????? once or twice a week i guess

  12. Da Masta Z

    Ideally you should try and have sex every hour, but that will cause tension and boredom in the end. I would suggest doing it weekly or monthly. If you want a more conservative approach, bi-annual or annual sessions are suggested. Typical interval however is weekly, so try for once a week (or try for every 3-4 days if a week is too long).

  13. The Answer Master

    I’d really hate girls who behave like sluts all the time. By the time you want to settle down no-one will want u as ur considered used goods. Why do u think some people stop sex? Because the shape of the vaginal opening has become loose and slack from overuse and sexual pleasure becomes harder to attain.

  14. frontsea

    you shuuld be careful. having sex to often with your boyfriend may turn him off. you should wait to experiment after marriage.

  15. ronniec

    thats to much!!…he’ll get tried of your pussy…i just get my gril .sometimes .you have to be in the mood..once she was i the shower and i poped a ***** and got in with her.. she loved it

  16. Carlos

    everyday is way to much!
    you know a relationship isnt only based on havin sex! try to control it!

  17. whoot whoot!

    every 3 months

  18. Quin C

    Everyday is too much. Maybe once or twice a week, if that.