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This site is dedicated to those of us who have “been there, done that” and freely offer our wisdom to those who haven’t lived long enough to learn many of these ‘LIFE LESSONS”. View Jokes, Puns, Limericks, Laws to Live By and other Great Stuff! It is recognized that certain groups such as ultra conservatives are beyond learning from others. Therefore this web site is for those folks with open
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3 Ways to Get Low Cost Cars

Whether you’re in the market for a first vehicle for your teenager or you need a new car on a low budget, it’s easy to take one look at today’s rates and balk. A brand new car costs as much as a down payment on a house. So what steps can you take if you need a vehicle but have a limited budget? There are several options in today’s market.
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Finding a Car for an Active Family in Kirkland

If you’re an active family, chances are you have incredible adventures together. You and your spouse go hiking, biking, and exploring everywhere within driving distance. Your kids play sports and are learning the value of time outdoors, in nature, and with friends while they’re young. But being an active family requires a reliable vehicle that has adequate space to store all your gear. Here’s a closer look at features that
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3 Ways to Earn Your Wife’s Forgiveness

Whatever you did, you’re in the doghouse. Whether it’s one too many nights at the office causing your bride to feel neglected or a fight where you said something you shouldn’t have, now you’re filled with regrets. Communication and affection have been replaced with tension and silence. When you’re in the wrong, it’s up to you to take the necessary steps to reopen the lines of communication and apologize. But
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How society works from the Socionics perspective overall deals with relationships through the use of Socionics. Socionics is a combination of social psychology, psychoanalysis, and sociology, mixed together. This concept was primarily taught by a psychologist named Aushra Augusta, in the former Soviet Union. This website contains a marvel of information from renowned author Spencer Stern who has diligently and independently researched Socionics since 2004. His blog details many experiences had, and to be had from
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