Getting Too Comfortable

We have all done it! Booking into a top class hotel can be one of life’s nicer experiences, especially if you get to try out fantastic spa treatments, a fancy swimming pool and a delicious dinner. The problem is, all these delightful experiences tend to wear us out and the next thing we know we have overslept and missed our plane connection! Suddenly the first class hotel begins to seem
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Battery Charger for iPad iPhone Samsung HTC

Do you face power problems when you travel with your Smartphone? At times you just want a quick solution to the low power problems! With the 8000mAh Waterproof solar power bank, you will be sorted. This solar mobile phone charger can be used under all weather conditions because it is waterproof. It is made of plastic and silicone materials that give it firm drop resistance and also make it shockproof. It has
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Pier 27 Condos: Modern Architecture at Its Finest

Designed by renowned architect Peter Clewes, Pier 27 makes the Toronto waterfront come alive in a dramatic way. It is without a doubt the most magnificent condo development in this part of Toronto. 14-storey glass slabs extend vertically on the shoreline supporting other glass slabs which sit horizontally on top. The upper complexes look as if they were carelessly placed there by someone and forgotten. In actuality, they house luxurious penthouse suites. They
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Tour Des Canadiens

The French always have a way of combining class and elegance with ingenuity and boldness. This mix offers for some of the most amazing architectural and culinary inventions and Canada can now boast one such landmark. Out of the Quebec sky, you can pick out the Bell Center and now the Tour Des Canadiens 2. This is a project that started in 2013 and looks set for a launch and
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When iTunes launched in the mid-00′s, it revolutionized the way in which consumers actually find music. From then, the alternative aspects of the industry snowballed. What went from illegal downloading turned to Apple and iTunes. What became a 99 cents song became a music listening experience, exemplified through Spotify and other streaming apps. Now, music is to be experienced and organized in a way that 00′s and even iTunes could
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