HowToPhoto – Online photography school

How to Photo is a website with focus on video courses for aspiring photographers. There are many different photography courses offered on the website that range from basics of digital photography to specialist photographic courses. Currently only one of the courses is live and the remaining courses are expected to go live soon. They cover a wide range of topics such as landscape photography, pet photography, photo composition, photoshop training, travel
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The Startup Magazine an online resource for Startups, Entrepreneurs and New businesses

The Startup Magazine started in the year 2012 with focus on developing a useful resource for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The magazine offers a lot of information on the start-up industry and covers many different aspects of business development from a start-up point of view. It covers many operational guides as well as fundraising guides. It also offers advice on customer engagement and talent acquisition. It has a clean interface and the
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Get Hired as a Private-Tutor Today!

Did You Know? Private tutoring is set to surpass $100 billion by 2018. Value your knowledge, skills and education. Learn how to become a tutor and make a good reputation and impression as a tutor/peer-tutor. Signup 100% FREE! Tutors Loop is a completely free platform that connects tutors and students. Both students and teachers can sign up on the website and look for teachers and students respectively in their subjects. It is important
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Celebrating the Holidays at a Retirement Community

If you have loved ones who have recently gone into a retirement community, you’re likely thinking ahead to the holidays. How can you ensure that they enjoy the good feelings of the holidays and don’t feel any sadness as a result of their move? While you can’t control all their feelings, you can take several steps to help them feel connected, cherished, and joyous during the winter holiday season. Here
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Free call to your phone

Call my Phone Online allows you to make international calls for free online. With ring my call a voip sends commands which allow you to connect your call anywhere in the world. The main advantage with ring my cell is you don’t have to wait for operators to connect and exchange your call as it was done in the past because the process is much automated. Although ring my cell was
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